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Empowering Widows and Families and Strengthening Communities throughout the five boroughs of New York City

Mount Moriah Foundation aims to improve education, literacy and provide for everyday living necessities among low-income families and families where one parent has passed throughout the five boroughs of NYC.


Mission: Mount Moriah Foundation strengthens families in need through a targeted approach while accepting applications from those in need. With our fund-raising efforts, low-income families in New York City develop the literacy and language skills they need to succeed in today’s world. Our focus is on assisting with Educational needs but also providing financial support for the necessities of life.


Where Donations Go: Mount Moriah Foundation maintains two programs that are funded by donations:

  • One program is directed to the basic necessities of life which could be clothing, food or contributing to household expenses like the electric bill, phone bill or WIFI.

  • The second program is dedicated to educational needs and literacy for low-income families, especially those with only one parent.

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